“Few firms of any size can match the resources Ivins has dedicated to ERISA, executive compensation and other employee benefits”

- Chambers & Partners

Employment Taxes and Worker Classification

We regularly advise clients on their employment tax withholding and reporting obligations under various compensation schemes, including deferred compensation plans (Code § 3121(v)), fringe benefit programs, and equity-based incentive plans. Our mergers and acquisitions experience includes the payroll tax aspects of combining and separating workforces. We advise clients on how to ease the transition to a new payroll system, FICA restart issues, and appointing agents to handle payroll responsibilities.

The proper classification of workers as employees or independent contractors, an issue on which federal and state agencies are increasingly focused, is an area in which we have particular expertise. Our deep familiarity with the common law and statutory standards, including Section 530, has enabled us to successfully defend employers' characterizations on audit.