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TEI Midyear Conference Attendees:        

It was a pleasure to see all of you in DC last month. Ivins, Phillips & Barker was so pleased, as always, to serve as a sponsor of TEI's 69th Midyear Conference and we look forward to the Annual Conference in October. For anyone who missed our partner Les Schneider's panel presentation, "Accounting Method Planning and Tax Reform," it covered a range of topics, including: 

Impact of Tax Reform on Accounting Methods

  • Accounting Method Planning
  • Revenue Recognition
  • Earnings & Profit (E&P) Methods Planning
  • GILTI Methods Planning
  • BEAT Methods Planning
  • Section 163(j) Planning
  • Section 267 Planning
  • Section 1341 Claim of Right Planning

 Final UNICAP Regulations

          We continue to field questions on these and other post-TCJA tax accounting and planning strategies on a regular basis. Les and others in our Tax practice would be happy to speak with you if you have related questions. We would also be glad to come and deliver a presentation to your Tax Department on these issues. (Please contact Siobhan O'Connor (soconnor@ipbtax.com), or any of our attorneys, if you would like to arrange an on-site presentation.)     

Thank you for your continued participation in TEI events, and we look forward to seeing you in New Orleans!


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