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March 22, 2021 www.ipbtax.com

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In This Issue:

State Estate Tax and Opportunities for Planning - Thirteen jurisdictions impose state estate tax. Opportunities to reduce the effects of such taxes include using marital deduction, making charitable gifts, and changing domicile.

District of Columbia Changes to Estate Tax Exemption and Notarization - DC raises estate tax by lowering the exemption to $4 million.  Remote notarization is now permitted in DC through May 2021.

Federal Legislative Update and Outlook for 2021 - The “Green Book” will likely contain refinements of President Biden’s campaign proposals and perhaps some "new starters."

Lifetime Gifts to Minimize State Death Taxes - Lifetime gifts make good sense for many reasons, even when a reduction in the exemption amount is not looming. With proper planning, it is possible to reduce or even avoid state death taxes.


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