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November 2022

Dear TEI Annual Conference Attendees,

It was a pleasure to see you all in Scottsdale in October. Ivins, Phillips & Barker was so pleased to serve for another year as a sponsor of TEI’s 77th Annual Conference and we look forward to the 73rd Midyear Conference next March. We were delighted that our partner and global mobility expert, Tom Cryan, was able to present on the panel “Hybrid & Remote Workforce Issues – Corporate Income Tax Risks and Best Practices” (available as part of TEI’s Simulive Edition replay of select sessions from the Conference, beginning December 1).

Another IPB partner, Jamie Brown, presented on the timely panel “The Inflation Reduction Act’s Book Minimum Tax” (also available via Simulive, beginning November 29). We have seen an increasing number of questions about the new tax as companies prepare for its introduction next year. Even companies that do not anticipate additional liability are planning for it, because once subject to the tax, corporations can remain subject to the tax in later years, regardless of future income or ownership. This can affect planning for growth companies, joint ventures and newly acquired or formed subsidiaries.

Jamie and Jon Holbrook would be glad to deliver a presentation to your Tax Department on planning for the tax, including the applicable aggregation rules and related strategies. Please contact Siobhan O’Connor, or any of our attorneys if you would like to arrange a virtual presentation.

Thank you for your continued participation in TEI events, and we look forward to seeing you at the Midyear Conference in our hometown of Washington, DC!

With best wishes for a festive holiday season and a wonderful 2023,

Ivins, Phillips & Barker


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