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"The team as a whole is praised for its meticulous and thoughtful advice, diversity of experience, and valuable skill."
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There aren't many specialty tax firms left in today's legal services market. Ivins, Phillips & Barker is one of the few; we've maintained our focus on tax practice since 1935.

Tax laws have changed over the years, but our approach has not. We've always been committed to staying focused on a limited number of areas of practice – all under the larger umbrella of tax law – and to providing all of our clients with the highest possible level of service for every matter. A lot of firms will tell you they offer top-notch service, we know we do because our clients tell us.

Much of our practice is built around the task of simply answering client questions. No question is too narrow for us to take the time to answer. Our lean staffing model and focused approach to the practice of tax law let us concentrate on quickly and efficiently answering client questions, while keeping costs low. Our clients value our level of responsiveness, as well as the substance of our advice.

The main tenets of our approach to practice are:

Impeccable client serviceEvery client of IPB, regardless of size, receives individualized attention. Our attorneys work to understand your business as a whole, as well as your tax and legal issues, investing the time to build an effective partnership and provide you with the best advice. We embrace the true spirit of partnership within our firm, as well as with our clients. Unlike many other firms, our partners are not in competition with each other for clients or hours. All of our clients are clients of the firm as a whole, not a particular lawyer; no issues of territoriality will ever prevent us from directing you to the best lawyer to address your specific issue.

Proficiency in tax law. We believe our clients are best served by a practice environment in which lawyers concentrate in an area of specialization within the tax law; we do not pretend to be jacks-of-all-trades in a practice that requires a high level of proficiency and experience in niche areas. By focusing on specialty areas of tax, our lawyers develop more experience and familiarity with related issues than general practitioners.

Best-in-class attorneys. Whereas at larger firms, some matters – or even clients – may be routed to a "B-team," we simply don't have one. Our team may be smaller than many, but each member is experienced in specialized areas of tax law and they all offer exceptional levels of client service. 

We view IPB as more than just another law firm. We believe we offer a substantively different approach to the practice of law, and a superior level of client service.

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