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“There is no better training than working one-on-one with an expert on novel tax matters, and partners here work especially hard to turn associates into authorities.”                                                                                                           -Percy Lee, IPB Associate

Each year, IPB seeks to hire first- and second-year law students for summer positions. Our summer program is designed to provide recruits with a realistic feel for work at the firm so that they know what to expect if they choose to begin their practice with us. As a result, we make sure our hires receive substantive and challenging assignments and work side by side with attorneys at all levels of practice. Our program is designed to allow students to work in any areas in which they are interested to gain a breadth of experience throughout their time with us.

Our summer program encourages interested summer associates to split time with other law firms. We prefer that a student spend at least six weeks in our program, however, our program is very flexible, and we're willing to work with our summer associates to make their summer schedule run smoothly. We're not afraid to share law students with other firms because we're looking for students who are the right fit for our firm and who want to join our team.

We interview and make summer offers to first-year law students, but we will not consider a candidate without seeing at least one semester of his/her law school grades.

Please mail or email your cover letter, resumé and transcript to:

Recruitment Coordinator
Ivins, Phillips & Barker
1717 K Street, NW Suite 600
Washington, DC 20006

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