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IPB is one of the few tax specialty firms in the United States. Our success in serving our clients starts with our commitment to recruiting the top graduates of America’s elite law schools. We're looking to hire engaging individuals with superior records of academic achievement who have a desire to learn and practice in the areas of federal income tax, estate planning, and benefits and compensation.

Rarely are we called upon to answer run-of-the mill or straightforward questions. As a result, our attorneys are provided the opportunity – and the challenge – of working on new, cutting-edge matters throughout their careers.

We don't expect our associates to engage in meaningless paper-pushing, biding time until they have “earned” more sophisticated and hands-on work. We give them meaningful responsibility from day one. Flexibility, initiative, creativity, independent thought, intellect, and, above all, the willingness to take on the responsibility of advising Fortune 100 clients with respect to multi-million dollar transactions are the principal attributes we look for in our associates.

Our relatively small size, together with our high partner-to-associate ratio, give associates the opportunity to develop close working relationships with nationally renowned partners. Our focus on tax, benefits, and estate planning also means that our associates get to do the work they came here for.

The size of our firm also helps us cultivate a sense of collegiality. Our senior partners view young associates as future partners rather than place-holders upon which to build a billing pyramid, and this view shapes the entire associate experience. The prevailing ethic is that work should be performed by those most capable of completing it efficiently. Clients are therefore viewed as clients of the firm rather than clients of any particular partner. The result is a healthy exchange of work among partners throughout the firm and between partners and associates – and a level of engagement and interaction that is unique to our firm.

We all have an active interest in the areas in which we practice; you will frequently find us engaged in lively discussions about code sections, fiduciary requirements, and other topics that might get you labeled as a "tax nerd" by the rest of the world, but will make you feel right at home at IPB.

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