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Hank Gutman Quoted re: Dana Trier's Exit from Treasury


Harry L. Gutman was quoted in the March 9, 2018 article entitled"Headlines - Trier's exit from Treasury could stymie candid public dialogue" by Kristen Parillo (LEXISNEXIS MLEX US Tax Watch-ETTOC). Excerpts to follow:

Harry L. Gutman, a former chief of staff for the Joint Committee on Taxation and former Treasury deputy tax legislative counsel, said Trier's departure may have a bigger impact on guidance needed for the domestic provisions of the TCJA, and less so on the international provisions - considered by many as presenting the most difficult and complicated areas for issuing guidance.

Traditionally, Gutman said the deputy assistant secretary for tax policy role oversees the operation of domestic tax issues, while the deputy assistant secretary for international tax affairs role (currently held by Chip Harter) has oversight of international tax issues.

"If Chip has primary responsibility for guidance on the international pieces of the TCJA, then Dana's departure probably won't put a big block in that part of the process," said Gutman, who is now of counsel at Ivins, Phillips & Barker. "But surely with respect to business tax in general, and to the extent Dana as a seasoned tax practitioner can identify other issues, it's going to be a huge loss."

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