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Doug Andre Quoted in Politico on Royal Baby's Potential Tax Headaches


IPB partner Doug Andre was interviewed by Politico, for its Morning Tax edition, on the potential U.S. tax obligations for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's new baby, Archie. Because the new royal was born to an American citizen, conferring American citizenship upon him, he could face the same U.S. tax obligations as any other American living overseas.

'"It’s extremely onerous' to deal with U.S. tax law compliance and all the paperwork that goes with it, said Doug Andre, attorney at Ivins, Phillips and Barker. He recommended raising thresholds that trigger disclosures and said that taxing expats only on U.S.-connected earnings could still preserve rules meant to dissuade tax cheating without overly burdening most U.S. citizens living abroad."

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