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Ivins Attorneys Speak at Federal Bar Association Tax Law Conference

Washington, DC

Ivins, Phillips & Barker attorneys participated in the 2015 Tax Law Conference presented by the Federal Bar Association in Washington, D.C. This event included sessions in employee benefits and executive compensation, domestic corporate tax, international tax, tax practice and procedure, tax accounting, and tax implications of the Affordable Care Act.

  • Leslie Schneider (Moderator) – Advance Payments Guidance (Outline)
  • Robert Wellen (Panelist) – Affiliated Corporations and Consolidated Returns (Outline)
  • Rosina Barker (Presenter) – IRA Guidance / Qualified Plans
  • Alex Sadler (Moderator) – Hot Topics in Refund Litigation – Recurring Problems, Special Issues in   Bankruptcy Cases, Current Trends, and Judicial Perspectives (Presentation)
  • Jonathan Zimmerman (Presenter) – Affordable Care Act
  • Brian Davis (Panelist) – Section 956 Issues & Developments (Presentation)
  • David Sherwood (Speaker) – Partnerships (Presentation)
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