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New Year's Resolutions for Benefit Professionals

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New Year's Resolutions for Benefit Professionals


  • Save for a Rainy Day: Evaluate and consider amending 401(k) hardship provisions
  • Clear Out the Cobwebs: Check DB plan actuarial assumptions for reasonableness
  • Ask for a Raise: Avoid deduction limitations under Code Section 162(m)
  • Get in Shape: Ensure wellness plans are not impacted by new EEOC guidance
  • Get a Checkup: Check your Health Plan for common pitfalls
  • Clean Your Closets: Review your qualified retirement plans for compliance concerns
  • Get Organized: Act on, don't just file away, your plan's service provider's 402(b)(2) disclosures
  • Eat Better: Your employer is more likely to reimburse a meal IF it can deduct it

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